Month: November 2012

“I Am Somebody”…..Let the world know your name………..

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At the heart of the London Africa Cultural Event, is the vision to provide promotional opportunities whereby emerging Africa inspired designers and artists are able to showcase their work to a global audience, alongside the provision of a platform on which  designers can gain information and experience in order to build profitable and sustainable brands. London is a Metropolis, which appeals to and attracts thousands of aspiring designers on a daily basis, simultaneously, London is home to a number of reputable Colleges where new fashion designers can hone their craft and gain access to industry experience.

The LACFashion Show intends to develop this magnetism further by bringing this flow of creativity to an established consumer base as well as to a new audience. Our experience is that new designers face numerous challenges in the process of transporting their designs from their workshops, through the marketing channels and to their target market. The LACE Fashion Show will facilitate and harmonize this transition by aligning designers and artists with their target market.


Within the element of this concept are the necessities of the younger generation to have information on their own identity. There will be a process of learning within their chosen subjects. With the growing pressure for them to be someone, there are no facilities which enable them to have the ability to have a helping hand in climbing the ladder to progress in their chosen profession.

LACE wishes to promote on this platform and on the basics of it not just a fashion show but a finishing progress within a glowing result from all who will be involved. Whether it a large business organisation to the individual student or public, the end result will be fulfilled.

So please take some consideration in sponsoring this event to know the real true outcome will be a very positive involvement for your company and even during the outcome you may even have the opportunity for a Student as an apprenticeship or internship opportunity. This is a event that will grow and revalue a lot of concept. There will be the various kind of clientele and all students will come in all kind of form of nationalities and walks. And this will cover all range of the media/fashion and music industry within a business element.

LACE believe that the younger generation of tomorrow is our future and with the guidance of the professional individuals we would be able to market this opportunity in basis that the younger generation need to understand that they are somebody and that they should be comfortable in their own individual identity instead of being somebody else. This is why there is so much confusion and frustration in the younger generation of today.  This is where the quote “I Am Somebody, You are Somebody, Everybody is Somebody and Let the world know your name” came from.

Each of the categories, which is need to make this event will be reached and within this your company will also be targeted in a professional manner and the colleges will be working along side LACE to give guidance in any technical acquirement within the educational element and hopefully this may be involves in their curriculum as a learning basis in all colleges in the near future.

So this concept has so far many positive elements!

With careful consideration LACE would like to press further interest in your company to take part in this event and would like to know the full length in how you would be participating in this event.  PLEASE CONTACT US @ SPONSORS@LONDONAFRICACULTURALEVENT.COM